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Open Monday - Friday; 11:30am - 6:30pm
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Monday, January 10, 2011

No Till Equals Less Work

More frost, less crop. Our late circuit at the farmers market did not scrounge up as much, as the bulk of remaining crops were sold retail. Our farmers need your patronage now more than ever! So, how to fill in the gaps? Well as mentioned before, we are grateful that distribution of organic produce is available where we live. Honestly, though, we do purchase domestic conventional over international organic, where possible. For example, we choose premium California conventional garlic over organic Chinese garlic every time.

How else? Well, we are glad to report that our garden is doing quite nicely, considering. We have given it precious little attention (you may guess as to why!); daily morning watering and Chef's ingenious tarp/dryer vent hose McGyver-esque remedy for the frosts, and that's it. Finally, yesterday, we weeded and we are astounded at how much wonderful growth there has been with a minimum of effort. We see that the lasagna-mound no-till method is feeding the plants well, and there is surprisingly little insect damage considering we have not sprayed even once. Not to worry - when we do spray, it is neem oil. We are so well pleased with the results, we are trying to decide what else to grow in the rest of the space!

Rest assured, our customers will taste the fruits of our labors  :)