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Open Monday - Friday; 11:30am - 6:30pm
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

And sprung into high gear for us, ever since the article about us came out in our local paper! Perfect timing that we had hired RaeAnne - who is stellar, by the way. Chef is on all out turbo-cook to keep up! So pleased to be part of the community, and, hopefully, inspiring others to be conscious of their choices.

We have been really enjoying the abundant produce at the farmers market. To be fair to you, the retail customer, we do wait until closing, 12pm, before we go in and snap it all up. Be warned though - I have a large cart and I am not afraid to fill it up!

Due to the heat this spring, FL strawberries have come to an end. However, we did see at Nelson's this morning that FL peaches are out! They are still at "eat out of hand" price; you'll see cobbler when they are more cooking priced  ;)

Our home garden is changing over as well. The chard is coming to an end, and we perhaps waited too long for the beets - they never sized up in the heat. But the tomatoes and eggplants are coming on strong, and the lettuce will be ready to cut again soon. Have we mentioned how much Chef loves stepping out the back door for fresh herbs from the restaurant garden?!

We are entranced by this video of how the French feed their students, and can not recommend it enough:
On that delicious note, Au revoir!